Company Profile

Alpea S.p.a. is a company with long experience in the production and marketing of products and materials used in the industrial packaging sector, building and refractory applications.



ALPEA S.p.A. has valued QUALITY as a basic condition for satisfying the Customer for the last 50 years. To further strengthen its position on the market, since 1998 the company committed to implement and adapt its quality system management to the European standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2004 (certification obtained on 11/01/1999). Consequently, in order to maintain the leading position towards the competition and in order to guarantee its customers the highest level of quality of the products and services provided, it has adapted the same system to ISO 9001: 2015 standard.


New customized solutions characterize a versatile production of different innovative materials for every market need at the highest quality. Alpea S.p.A. is a flexible company capable of satisfying any request, with customized solutions for each customer, thanks to its many years of experience in every sector, from industry to construction. In fact, the company solves the most varied problems of insulation in construction and protection in industrial and food packaging. Thermal-acoustic insulation, dry construction systems, waterproofing, precision cutting with WaterJet, EPS and / or EPP packaging cut or molded to size, are just some of the services she offers. Alpea S.p.A. services and manufacts  are deeply rooted in those market excellences and niche sectors that require products of the highest quality, flexibility and above all customization for the end customer.


Respect for the environment, certified and 100% recyclable materials: the key to a cleaner future with a low environmental impact. Alpea S.p.A. makes a conscious choice oriented towards environmental sustainability, in fact she pays great attention to Ecology in the selection of primary resources and the materials it proposes. Every day she offers recycled and eco-sustainable EPS solutions and products, which have a low environmental impact, do not contain or release any toxic and harmful substances, are hygienic and recyclable; thanks to the continuous investment in research and development,  to the use of certified and high quality raw materials, to the know-how achieved in several years of highly specialized production in the sectors of construction and packaging.

Deliveries with own means

Thanks to its highly professional structure, and thanks to the commitment dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality of the products manufactured and marketed, ALPEA S.p.A. is now able to quickly, flexibly and reliably meet the different needs of customers, also making deliveries with its own means.

Alpea S.p.a.

The factory

The Bairo plant covers an area of approximately 60,000 square meters, of which approximately 25,000 are currently covered.)


Suppliers & Partners

  • Bauder
  • Bifire
  • Dow
  • Eurofibre
  • Fassa Bortolo
  • Gidiron
  • Intermas
  • Kerakoll
  • Knauf
  • Roefix
  • Scrigno
  • Tiemme
  • Velux
  • Volteco
  • Ytong

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