WaterJet precision cutting - Plate Coupling - Versatile and universal cutting technology by cold working without any limit of materials and thicknesses

  • WaterJet precision cutting

    This technology cuts with a jet of water the size of a hair, allowing the cutting of delicate materials to be processed.

Our strengths


Alpea S.p.a. is a company with long experience in the production and marketing of products and materials used in the industrial packaging sector, building and refractory applications. In particular, the company specializes in:

  • Production of cut and printed foam in expanded polyester
  • Production of moldings in expanded polypropylene
  • Production of coupled plasterboard / insulation
  • Marketing and distribution of products for:
    • Construction and interior renovation
    • Insulation, soundproofing and waterproofing
    • Refractory applications for the chimney pipes and heating
Our strengths

Suppliers & Partners

  • Bauder
  • Bifire
  • Dow
  • Eurofibre
  • Fassa Bortolo
  • Gidiron
  • Intermas
  • Kerakoll
  • Knauf
  • Roefix
  • Scrigno
  • Tiemme
  • Velux
  • Volteco
  • Ytong

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