Packaging and insulation solutions

Nowadays we are building the road for a sustainable future

Continuous research for innovative materials

Nowadays we are building the road for a sustainable future

Our thoughts are our actions

Nowadays we are building the road for a sustainable future


Since 1971 next to you

We produce and sell industrial packaging and thermal insulation materials,

Waterproofing, dry construction systems, restructuring and refractory materials.

  • Industry

    Manufacturing of EPS and EPP printed and cut for packaging, insulation, container and special applications (customized products)

  • Building

    Manufacturing and trading of thermal insulation, thermal-acoustic insulation, dry construction systems, fire protection products, Waterproofing, Professional

  • Applications

    WaterJet precision cutting - Plate Coupling - Versatile and universal cutting technology by cold working without any limit of materials and thicknesses


Our strengths


Alpea S.p.a. is a company with long experience in the production and marketing of products and materials used in the industrial packaging sector, building and refractory applications. In particular, the company specializes in:

  • Production of cut and printed foam in expanded polyester
  • Production of moldings in expanded polypropylene
  • Production of coupled plasterboard / insulation
  • Marketing and distribution of products for:
    • Construction and interior renovation
    • Insulation, soundproofing and waterproofing
    • Refractory applications for the chimney pipes and heating
Our strengths

To protect the environment

Respecting the planet today means giving it a better future tomorrow, because every long journey begins with a first step


Alpea S.p.A. accepts a daily challenge, creating a more sustainable world every day while respecting the environment, thanks to the choices of R&D, building redevelopment and eco-sustainability of materials, taking care of the environment and with the least expenditure of energy.

With our planet facing unprecedented challenges in terms of climate and environment, we must take indispensable measures to safeguard it. We aim to operate by reducing emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, using energy solutions from clean and renewable sources.

Our production sites adopt solutions, such as high-efficiency cogeneration plants, which allow to minimize the use of non-renewable sources and reduce CO emissions. Our design aims to meet the needs of our customers with products and materials of the highest yield, light and volumetrically designed to optimize the occupied spaces. Particular attention is paid to the use of regenerated or recyclable raw materials.

Let's help create a different future!


Team & Professionals

Our team of experts is at your complete disposal for every need.

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  • Professionalism



  • Precision



  • Courtesy




Suppliers & Partners

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  • Bifire
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  • Fassa Bortolo
  • Gidiron
  • Intermas
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  • Knauf
  • Roefix
  • Scrigno
  • Tiemme
  • Velux
  • Volteco
  • Ytong

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